When Dodge / Pembina chrysler contacted me about a project they wanted to do, I was both surprised and excited to hear what they were wanting to do.

Long story short, they required a mounted "gun" prop to go onto one of thier jeeps for an upcoming comic convention to have on display, a jeep with a custom paint and decor, something they referred to as "the zombie shredder".

Naturally, I had to do it.

After two or three rounds of Illustrator to get my concept across in an easy to understand visual, and how the mointing apparatus would work, I got into the shop to start blocking things out as a quick mock up. The materials used were varied, lots of PVS, a couple of pre-fabricated plumbing items, sintra, a spruce frame, some old computer parts (hard drive cases), some MDF board, and a few choice nuts and bolts for mold making and casting, and some aluminum odds and ends. Once collected, it was off to the shop.

With the concept approved, I scaled the Illustrator vector art up to full scale, and used it as a tracing template onto the sinta for the four enclosing walls, and all the detail work that would end up going on top of the "walls" in layers. The walls were originally 1/8 inch in thickness, but once the layers were added to, some parts of the body would up being a little over half inch thich, and very solid.

the barrel of the weapon was a length of one inch PVC pipe that ran through dead center of the body. The gun barrel was created in two parts. One part being the interior barrel that ran the entire length, and a cooling barrel that went overtop, and screwed into the barrel holder base at the front of the body. I had to trim down the length as a whole, as it wound up being 7 inches too long from my original concept.

The interior barrel also served as the end handle and guide for the trigger mechanism, as well as being able to guide the entire weapon up and down, as well as side to side, rotating on the upper and lower mounting brackets, which had foam coering as to not scratch where the entire assembly was going to be mounted on the vehicle itself.

Greeblies, nuts and bolts were all molded in silicone and then cast in Smooth On 320, and screwed or epoxied into place as per the Illustrator drawing. All layer placements had to be traced directly on to the Sintra to assist in proper placement as per my drawings, after being cut out, sanded or cast in the two part liquid plastic.

Once all the detail on the body shess was complete, the walls were screwed on to the wooden frame, and the edges were then sealed in Bondo and sanded. Extra detail work, such as subtle scratches and dings were added, then the entire prop was painted in Krylon Olive Green Satin paint for that "war-time" look.

side from the technical drawing done in Illustraor, there was no other computer generate dparts used. Everything for this prop was done by hand. No CNC, no 3D printing and was delivered on schedule. the only change in plan came from the fact that the dealership kept on selling the vehicles it was to be mounted to!

the Zombie Shredder and prop made its debut at Central Canada Comic Con 2016, and was apparently a hit among the local costumed attendees