I have more than a few creative and like minded people on my social feeds, and I found it to be a great honor to help out with one, who is producing his own local flavor 80's style horror movie, called "InTents". I wont divulge he story or the location of fiming, but I can show off and explain the process for creating the headgear for the main protagonist at least!

The sculpt was done in water based clay and Sintra greeblies, to mimic in look the old burn masks that were used in the 60's and 70's. Not terribbly pretty, more form over function, with enough "edge" to give it a decent silhouette.

Once the sculpt and all the subsequent detail was approved, we moved on to the mold making stage. I used Smooth On 65D silicone to coat the sculpt four times to build up a thick wall before making a plaster jacket and pulled a postive out with Smooth On 320.

The silicone picked up every bit of detail I put into the sculp with no damage or smoothing out. I needed to have as much detail pickup as possible as the mask was required to have aome texture of old metal starting to rust, which meant some scars, alot of small pockmarks and roughness all over.

There were some happy mistakes made in this casting, one being that the layer of clay was much mor ethin underneath the chin area than aywhere else, and I did not notice this during th mold making stage. Needless to say, the silicone picked up this flaw and it is reflected in the casting, BUT, it went a long way to bringing out the "age" int he mask, as if it was being claed at by some kind of sharpene instrument to try to "carve" off the face, which fell right into line with the main protagonist character. the last item of detail would be the straping, which was simply thin letter rivited directly to the mask complete with adjustable buckles.  This was a fairly quick build, neeeded for shooting at the end of August 2016.