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Need inexpensive thigh armor for full coverage? This tutorial will help!

Author: ManitobaMando

Date: 8.25.2014

Chain mail European 4 in 1 tutorial: Complete how-to!

Author: Lady Hollett Costuming

Date: 11.25.2014

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“When I was younger, I read a book by Scott McLoud called "Understanding Comics" because I wanted to understand...well..comics and WHY it was that I wanted to draw them and make a living from it. In one chapter, he goes on to explain what "art" is. He also went on to explain the six steps of such, and I was mind blown at the time, because all I saw was "surface" a result, I began to understand.  He converted me to the belief that any artist creating any work in any medium will always follow these six steps whether they realize it or not and that their order is innate. through that, I began to understand that a creator who learns to command every aspect of their art and to understand their relationship to it, the more likely they are to focus on innermost aspects. Taking that ideal, I apply it to anything i set out to make. and why not right? Art is more than just what you see on the surface, its also what you don't see, but still comprehend and understand” - Dallas Hollett, 2014